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Lady In Black

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P.s I love you
The title of the book I really love is ps i love you and is written by Cecelia Ahern's. She is an irish authour.The book is a romance novel.

And it is about a woman called holly who looses her husband Gerry to a brain tumour and is devistated.On a visit to her mothers she recieves a package that gerry had written for her months before he passed away.In each note he tells her things to do in order to help her move on with her life.It is such a sad.romantic and funny novel.I myself found it a great read and found it hard to put the book down.

I wont say no more as I dont want to ruin this for you.
you will just have to buy the book Razz

Also this book has been made in to a film with hillary swank in it and it is also good if your interested in romantic comedy films

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