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The Jester

Dołączył: 26 Lip 2006
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Skąd: Poland
Pią 22:06, 29 Gru 2006

Opera IX
Nationality: Italy
Genre: Black metal
Year of rise: 1988 (debut 1990)
www: [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

M - vocal
Ossian - guitars
Vlad - bass
Faun - keyboards
Dalamar - drums

1. Gothic (1990, demo)
2. Demo 92 (1992, demo)
3. The Triumph of The Death (1993, EP)
4. The Call of The Wood (1995)
5. Sacro Culto (1998)
6. The Black Opera - Symphoniae Mysteriorum in Laudem Tenebrarum (2000)
7. Maleventum (2002)
8. Anphisbena (2004)

In the matter of fact we should consider "The Call of The Wood" as a debut, because previous records were demos available on the tapes. But we shouldn't treat those records as something worse, cause two magnificent tracks "Born In The Grave" and "The Red Death" are from EP "Triumph of The Death".
Band the legend took part in the process of forming the symphonic black metal genre. I think the band is unequalled in a few things. Maybe they aren't as famous as the most famous black metal bands of this beautiful period, the early 90's. Till today this music keeps its unique atmosphere hidden mainly in the keyboard. There's no doubts it's inventive and exeptional and although I can see trying to equal this atmosphere in the music of the other bands (for example polish band called Darzamat), Opera IX still remains an uniqe in this matter. What can I say to those who doesn't know the music of Opera IX? You can't tell that You know what is black metal as long as You don't know Opera IX. All the "modern" stars of black metal I won't enumerate here are fade in comparison with the majesty of Opera IX's music from the 90's including the "Black Opera" album. What can I say to those who are loyal to their music for years as much as I am? I'm glad that I was and still I am one of us, still remain under the spell of woody and mysterious cult of the black opera.

It would be a crime on the history of symphonic black metal genre not to write about Cadaveria in this subject. In my opinion, she is a personage who is as important to this genre as Roman Kostrzewski (Kat) to the polish metal music, as Baudelaire to the French poetry and as Carpenter to the thrillers. Legendary female vocalist of Opera IX, who had spent 9 years by the microphone of this band has left in 2001 to continue her career as a solo artist. According to me she still is a symbol of Opera IX, although they released two good albums without her. Her nightingale twittering always will be singing in my sensitive, gloomy heart.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], if someone is interested.

Interesting thing is that Flegias, who plays with Cadaveria in her band and who was a musician of Opera IX in the same time when she was, has participated in "Pleasure And Pain" by T.d.V.

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Kriss de Valnor

Dołączył: 26 Gru 2006
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Sob 12:57, 06 Sty 2007

This is like a balm on my heart to read what you have wrote here, particularly about Cadaveria. Beware because I'm going to fall in love with you and I'm really close to do it. I love Cadaveria, since I have heared Sepulcro for the first time I always wanted to be like her. Beautiful, charismatic and incredible vocalist, the one and only. There's no other like her and it never will be. That's right, black metal wouldn't be the same for me without her. Maybe it wouldn't be born for me even because Opera IX was the one of the firsts bands of this kind I've been listening to. Surely the first which has gained such importance for me. I had cried half night long when Cadaveria has left the band. For me Opera IX is not the same anymore after her leave. I don't listen to the records of Opera IX which has been recorded without her. I am not delighted by her solo career. Sometimes she croons like she did when she was in Opera IX but I don't like that she is not singing this way all the time. She should keeps the previous style because she makes it best.
"Her nightingale twittering"... damn, you are genius in expressing your opinion.

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Dołączył: 24 Sie 2006
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Pon 11:39, 22 Sty 2007

I didn't know this band before, but I checked their music. The music is good and Cadaveria is really nice looking, but her voice...! I am shocked! I think I will go now and listen to Sepulcro and Bela Lugosi's dead several times Smile

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